Prune juice, the health asset?

Published : 2020-10-17 17:36:33
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jus de pruneau bio

Prune juice relieves intestinal transit thanks to sorbitol and dihydroxyphenylisatine. It is very effective against constipation. The organic prune juice from Ferme du Lacaÿ is (finally) here!

This gives us the opportunity to tell you about it.

Often quoted as the solution against transit problems and constipation, prune juice nevertheless reserves good surprises with its nutrients and vitamins..

Small tour of horizon.

The Juice of Prune, a solution against the constipation?

The juice of prunes makes it possible to relieve the intestinal transit thanks to sorbitol and dihydroxyphenylisatine (a little complicated to pronounce I grant it to you!). These are substances that help stimulate the contractions of the intestine and help your body to relieve itself.

In addition, the prune is an impressive source of fiber! These help the intestinal transit to run smoothly thanks to their strong water absorption power, which is necessary for the proper functioning of our digestion.

When you drink prune juice, you will automatically check the "hydration" box! It should be known that all this was demonstrated in a Korean medical study proving the effectiveness of the prune and thus of its juice.

Jus de pruneau

The hidden properties of prune juice

Prune juice is also rich in iron, one third of the daily intake in a glass. Iron is essential for the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is the primary source of our energy.

If you have the "gnaque" is essentially thanks to the ATP produced by the Iron and therefore can be brought by the Prune juice! How well life is done!

Prune juice is also rich in antioxidants which are essential to keep our health and fight against the free radicals that wander in our body.

These are at the origin of premature skin and cell aging and even of certain diseases.

Indeed, antioxidants have a protective effect against cancer, notably proven in the EPIC study (to be found here but also on cardiovascular diseases. With all this, we can say loud and clear that you can drink prune juice without moderation!

And our organic prune juice then!

And precisely, this prune juice has often been asked for but we were short of prunes to make a sufficient quantity and to answer the orders at the Farm and on our website.

Today we can offer you our organic prune juice made from our prunes. You will find this juice in BIB of 3L on our site.

Easy to use, compact and ecological, the open BIB will keep for 2 months.

Practical ... it will allow you to drink prune juice regularly! Unopened, the BIB of 3L can be kept for 2 years.

The BIB of 3L of organic prune juice is 15€90. You can find it here or at the end of the article on our website.

See you soon! Aurélien.

jus de pruneau bib

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Bitten Marcus

2020-03-17 20:38:45

Très beau jus et très efficace. Merci

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