The different types of Agen prune



The classic prune, which can also be called dry or rehydrated prune, is the prune most represented in shops. Why is this?

Quite simply because the process to have a dry prune makes it possible to preserve it for a long time (2/3 years). Thus the prune d'Ente is dried in gas ovens (tunnels to be more precise) at 72°c for about 24 hours (this varies depending on the size of the plum).

The result is a 24% humidity, very dry, inedible as it is but keeps very well.

Then, when the prunes must be put on the market, they are plunged back into a hot water bath (some manufacturers add preservatives, sugar, aromas) so that the prune can once again gorge itself on water and reach the limit of 35% humidity (above this limit set by the specifications of the industry, you can no longer call it "prune" but "prune speciality".

You thus obtain a dry prune, rehydrated after these operations. Despite the fact that this prune remains the "star" of the sales stalls, it is surpassed in terms of taste and vitamins by a close cousin: the half-cooked prune !

                                                                                        pruneaux sur claies


In this case, dehydration is stopped when the humidity level is between 30 and 35%. Its elaboration meets precise specifications since it is considered the best prune.

It is natural, with no rehydration, no preservatives or added sugars. It is natural, soft and sweet.

You have understood it, it is the best.

But then why, is it only very little represented in stores? Quite simply because it is not kept outdoors (2 months maximum), which obliges us to ensure its preservation by putting it in bags and pasteurizing it (heat treatment at less than 100°c).

Thus in the bag, it can be kept between 1 year and a half and 2 years. This does not alter at all the quality of the semi-cooked prune and allows you to enjoy it all year round!

pruneau mi-cuit


Ah the organic ! At last! The processing of organic prunes is comparable to that of dry or semi-cooked prunes, but their production and processing are governed by precise specifications defined by the European Union which sets the rules of Organic Agriculture.

We are personally controlled by Ecocert, which ensures that the famous specifications are respected.

The products are identified by the AB (Organic Agriculture) logo on the label.

Thus, this logo ensures you to have a natural dry or semi-cooked prune without chemicals during the production of the prune or its transformation into a prune!


Their elaboration process is comparable to that of the "classic/dry" prune but their rehydration is prolonged beyond 35% humidity (up to 42/45% humidity).

This makes these prunes a "prune speciality" and not Pruneaux d'Agen (the PGI obliges the moisture content of prunes to be no more than 35%).


Pitted prunes can be dry, half-cooked or over-moistened.

Organic or not.

Our pitted prunes are made from half-cooked organic (obviously) "very large" size. They are then pasteurized to preserve their softness and flavour.

Only pleasure without pits.


On our farm, we offer only organic half-cooked Agen prunes. Then they are available in different capacities, in different sizes and with or without stones. As a result, our stocks vary enormously according to the harvest we have..

prune et pruneau

Le pruneau 

L'histoire du pruneau d'Agen

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